Are you researching the UFO and Alien phenomena? Trying to learn all you can about the abduction of others, UFO sightings, strange lights in the sky and the infamous Roswell? Here are a few books that you may find an 'interesting' read.


There are many great books listed above and all I have either read or have on my TRL (To Read List) for future reading and research. I have listened to a great many lectures by the courageous Dr. Karla Turner and the insightful Travis Walton but to hold their words in your hands as you absorb the incredible information they are delivering is both profound and startling.

If you have not read any of these then click on the image and check them out on Amazon, if you have read them I would love to hear your thoughts on not just the topic but the insights of the authors and the stories they tell.


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(I am not affiliated with MUFON I just happen to think they do great research and are a great resource for others who research the Alien Phenomena)


Dr. Karla Turner, for those of you reading this who haven't heard of her (which is possible if you are not into Ufology or Alien Abduction reports), was born in 1947 and was not just a Scholar or an author, but she was an activist. She became the voice for those who, up until that point, were afraid to step up and speak out about their experiences. For to do so usually was met with disbelief, scorn, and ridicule.

Dr. Turner believed after all her years of research that the Alien Agenda was one thing and could only be one thing and that was that these beings were not here for the good of mankind nor was what they were doing on those they abducted.

In her first book, 'Into The Fringe', she detailed the very personal stories of not just her abduction experiences, but that too of her husband and other family members. They had become aware that their experiences in 1998 were not just a recent occurrence. In fact that they had been taken for a number of years reaching as far back as childhood.

Her second book 'Taken', was penned after she had been contacted by other abductees (8 females in this instance). They had reached out to her after the publication of her first book. Through her courage, others realized that they too had a voice and that they had a right to be heard.

Dr. Turner was an exceptional woman. I have added the Amazon links here for two of her books (either penned by herself or with another) simply click on the image to take you to it, and I have embedded the Youtube links for two of her talks.

If you haven't already read and listened to the experiences of Dr. Turner I would highly recommend it.

(On the Montel Williams Show)

If you have read any other pieces by her please feel free to share in the comments.

Netflix's Messiah - Season 1-- Reviewed

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"...When CIA officer Eva Geller (Michelle Monaghan) uncovers information about a man (Mehdi Dehbi) gaining international attention through acts of public disruption, she begins an investigation into his origins. As he continues to cultivate followers who allege he's performing miracles, the global media become increasingly beguiled by this charismatic figure. Geller must race to unravel the mystery of whether he really is a divine entity or a deceptive con artist capable of dismantling the world's geopolitical order. As the story unfolds, multiple perspectives are interwoven including that of an Israeli intelligence officer (Tomer Sisley), a Texas preacher (John Ortiz) and his daughter (Stefania LaVie Owen), a Palestinian refugee (Sayyid El Alami) and the journalist (Jane Adams) who covers the story."

When this 10 episode drama popped up on my Netflix suggested watch list I was a little sceptical. Not normally one for religious or war-type shows I was going to give it a wide berth, but after suffering my husband binge watching it as well as his rave reviews of it, I thought, "What the hell? The worst thing that could happen is to lose time I won't get back. The best thing? I could find a show I enjoy, possibly connect with and one that I would want to share with you. 

Well? Guess which one it was...shall I tell you? 

from Mind Blown GIFs via Gfycat

The first episode was for me a little slow, but this show steadily picked up the pace until the heart-stopping last minute of the last episode of the season. Created by writer, actor, and producer Michael Petroni, we are taken on a journey of faith.

The whole way through this drama, I found myself swaying from a believer to a sceptic and back. This show is so well written that without being overtly in your face the undertones and emotions of each significant character grip you and swallow you up.

When writing reviews, I am always super cautious not to give away spoilers, and that is very hard to do when you want to rave about a book or a show you have watched, and it is no different here. I want to share what I watched but avoid spoiling it for others who have yet to watch it. What I will say is this plays heavily on faith, and not any ONE religion but on them all. It shows the sins of man and highlights that no matter the religion, the birthplace, or the history, we are all unique, and yet at the same time, the same.

We watch as bad men manipulate others to do their bidding and good men try but fail to achieve their desires. Chaos starts as a trickle that towards the end, along with the unveiling of his identity (or possibly so we think, as we could be yet again watching one man's agenda play out), we see a world of bedlam and anarchy as faith unravels.

This, for me, is a fantastic show that ticks many boxes. The crunch for me was the fact that it had me hopping from one side of the fence to the other. "Will he convert you?" He just might...

Get your PJ's on, get a drink and snacks and settle on your sofa. Prepare yourself for an almighty (see what I did there? 🤣🤣) binge!

Oh...and you're welcome!

Theory of a Dead Man

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What is a ghost? You would think this was a basic question, right? Wrong!

There are many thoughts on what a "Ghost" is, the dictionary definition is:

Ghost - NounAn apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image.
  -  phantom - spectre - spirit - apparition - specter - shade

This above is the Joe Bloggs definition of the word. Depending on who you ask you will get varying answers. Religions have one view, Hollywood another and as for atheists they don't believe in them at all because to them you die.. end game. Within the world of Paranormal Research, a "Ghost" is the finite proof of life after death, but even then it's not THAT simple for we have "intelligent" (where interaction is made with the energy) and "residual" (where it can only be described as that of a recording played on a loop) haunting.

The most ambiguous one... HOLLYWOOD:


Over the lifetime of motion pictures, the idea of a ghost has changed and morphed. It has been many things from a fun little friendly spectre "Casper" and the "Learner" plate one that Patrick Swayze portrayed in the originally named "Ghost" to the frightening one just released called Mama, about a deceased mental patient that after the loss of her child many years before roamed the forest until she happens upon two young little girls that she then cares for until they are found (no spoilers I hope). Hollywood of late has evolved the ghost phenomenon with its use of CGI and gory storylines that many of us have never personally witnessed and probably never will.

Organized Religion:

Being too many to list and dissect we will pick one that I am familiar with, Catholicism. Trust me when I say this is not limited to this one, but to many on the broad spectrum of organized religion. Catholicism itself has written about things as “rising from the dead” and such. Whether it realizes or not it embraces the paranormal, from things such as Miracles, visions, prophecy to mysticism. It does not state that spirits do not walk the earth as a matter of fact in one Website dedicated and maintained by devout Catholics states that “...Although Church teaching does not rule out the possibility of ghosts, and although it also does not rule out the possibility that God might allow us to see ghosts on occasion, the Church does forbid us from attempting to initiate occult contact with departed souls”

We are to accept that there are such things as ghosts but we are to view them when and how God chooses to show them to us. People such as myself (Paranormal Investigators/Researchers) in the eyes of the church are sinning, as the use of equipment such as DVR's and K2's are in fact in their eyes, calling forth the dead to converse with us.

Now the ultimate skeptic, The Atheist:

To believe that ghosts exist you must first believe that when you die your spirit moves on, whether that be to "heaven" or to be grounded here on earth. The Atheist view on life after death is that there is none. When you die, that is it... You're dead, no bright light, no deceased relative there to greet you, just "lights out". There are many types of atheists now, but in general, the Consensus is that there is no life after death until proved otherwise.

Each person's belief within the paranormal field is what drives us... Like the atheist we want Proof, we want to document it, investigate it and show it. Unlike Hollywood, we don't want to dress it up, blow it outta proportion and make it what it isn't. As Paranormal researchers, we will always endeavor to capture that one piece of evidence that can not be doubted.

Do you believe?

EVP the modern ouija board??

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On multiple ‘ghost-hunter’ tv shows, and the paranormal field in general, EVP recordings are used to contact the ‘dead’. But what or who is actually answering them?

EVP is defined as…“Electronic Voice Phenomenon”.
Oct 12, 2010, Erin McDougald-Williams - "... Ghost hunters attempt to capture an EVP by using digital recording devices that pick up low band frequencies. It is believed that spirits communicate on such a low band frequency that the human ear does not hear them when they actually occur. This is why investigators use digital recorders to investigate so they can go back and listen for possible disembodied voices.”

The basic premise of recording EVP is to go into a ‘haunted’ location, talk to spirits and record any vocal responses by way of bangs, knocks or if you are lucky voices. This is featured frequently on ghost-hunting tv shows and openly through all paranormal circles.

These recordings are collected and saved usually on computer files with specialized computer programs used to analyze the sound, clear up background noise and or interference made during the period of investigation.

So far skeptics cannot totally explain away every out of the norm noise recorded at these ‘haunted’ locations. However, EVP's can be open to the possibility of fakery, which can be found on youtube. But like all things, there are people out there who would prefer fake evidence than further paranormal research. They would rather get their name or reputation as "Paranormal Investigators" out there in the field and that's how these hoaxes come about.

Many people not within the paranormal field quote the dangers of EVP and having been part of a Paranormal group who used them regularly I can confirm that 9 times out of 10 you record nothing out of the ordinary. Occasionally you can record something that when analyzed sounds like audible words or phrases. But are these down to audio pareidolia or information front loading when others voice what they 'think' it said?

A lot of Christian groups claim that voices recorded in EVP sessions are in reality "...not human souls but satanic spirits attempting to lead that questioner into deep spiritual darkness with the questionable occult Theology of ghost-hunting." Not all abandoned buildings, cemeteries, ruins, occupied green belts have been used by occult worshipers as meeting areas, haunts or spiritual bases for satanic spirits. The majority are just that, abandoned buildings, cemeteries, ruins, etc.

As for the Ouija, it was commercially introduced by businessman Elijah Bond on July 1, 1890. The Ouija board was regarded as a harmless parlor game unrelated to the occult until American Spiritualist Pearl Curran popularized its use as a divining tool during World War I.

It was then used as a tool with most for this purpose and its original "game" label was dropped for that of "Occult paraphernalia." Is it true that the Electronic voice recorder has taken its place in the modern world? The answer is a simple yes. It is for the same purpose and used mostly the same way...Questions asked and an answer waited on/given.

My opinion for what it's worth, like all things, items only become dangerous in the hands of someone who either has malicious intent, doesn't understand what they are doing, or doesn't know how to use the tool.

What is your view on this?

Books you may find interesting.
(simply click the book image and it will take you to Amazon)


2020 Here I Come!

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I don't know how you happened upon my blog, could be from Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest (all the places I share it), but no matter how you found your way here...welcome!

I write fiction, and some of the things I touch on in my writing are drawn from my real-life experiences. So after much thought and consideration, I decided to merge the two areas of my life that I love the most into one blog. For so long I kept them separate, and to be honest, I struggled to keep both active.

Now, moving forward in 2020, I will be outting my weird to all my followers on social media. You will see the things I am fascinated by, things I am currently researching (either for fun, books, or to add to things that have been on my mind for a while, and I need to know more about).

I will also be reviewing Podcasts, Books, Television Shows, and Movies in 2020, giving my true honest thoughts on them (my opinion only for what it is worth) the good and the bad. I have been binge-watching some to get ahead, and I already have some reviews in draft form ready to post.

As always, if I happen to touch on a subject matter you either have experience in or something that you have been researching, feel free to comment on the blog post in question or reach out to me on my social media. You can find me here:

For my fiction work you can find my Amazon Author page here:

Here's to an amazingly busy, happy, informative, and creative 2020!

In the Land of Shadows?

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Within this small world of ours, is a vast unknown. The majority of the world’s population is still tied to many beliefs that include, but not solely hinge on, organized religions. These form our concepts and core beliefs in the unknown. Within this array of the unknown falls a topic that sides firmly in the supernatural/paranormal to many yet not all, the phenomena of Shadow People.

As the years pass, more and more sightings of these 'people' are reported, either that is due to a more open mind through learned experience and interest in things within the world about us or through the concept that we are not alone. Be they inter-dimensional people, 'little grey men' or supernatural entities of some sort more people are opening up, discussing and sharing their experiences. These things, or 'shadow people' as they have been labeled, are becoming public knowledge.

They have been given many names through the years by various communities, and their purpose among us questioned. These beings in the past were recorded as being seen in our peripheral vision, this is by broad definition “...a part of vision that occurs outside the very center of gaze” and “ weaker in humans, compared with other animals, especially at distinguishing color and shape” (Peripheral vision definition) yet more and more reports over recent years are stating that we have now transcended into seeing these Shadows in full vision.

Historically they were thought to be from the Underworld, Shades or Entities of the deceased. But then Science stated that physiological and psychological conditions could account for reported experiences of shadow people, and the things they explained away included but were not limited to, sleep paralysis, illusions or hallucinations brought on by drug use or side effects of medication and even sleep deprivation.

In recent years they have been brought to the forefront of the minds of those who question by guest speakers like Heidi Hollis on Coast to Coast AM. Ms. Hollis described them as dark silhouettes with human shapes that flicker in and out of peripheral vision. She claimed that people had reported the figures attempting to 'jump on their chest and choke them' (Incubus/Succubus - a topic for another time and one connected strongly with sleep paralysis). The former host of the show, Art Bell, after receiving over 4,500 emails on this topic alone, hosted a show on it and had on the show with him a Native American called Thunder Strikes. It was his opinion that Shadow people were a form of vampire or leech if you will (I used these terms in their broad sense, not blood drinkers but energy drinkers), entities that were trans-dimensional and could feed off the negative energy of the living world. Art Bell with Thunderstrikes - Shadow People

People ranging from the very young to the quite old have witnessed these beings, they have appeared as shadows from around 3ft to 12ft tall and degrees of transparency, but one thing is always a common ground when seen they instill the feeling of fear, the kind of fear that makes the hairs stand on the back of your neck and sets in motion the fight or flight reflex.

In my years as a paranormal researcher, I have come into contact with these entities/beings on a few occasions. The first time was underground in a tunnel system that had dated back to the 1300s. They would dart quickly along the wall and into alcoves just off the system of tunnels. I never had a sense of danger with them but I will admit to my fight or flight having kicked in more than once when they got to close.

Regardless of your views and mine, this is a phenomenon that is growing, and one that is to be reported and studied. Many of knowledge believe that they are not to be feared as this feeds them, energizes the entity, but what we are to do is accept. Learn. 

Conspiracy Theories Anyone...?

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I remember listening to talk radio and hearing an interview with a lady (menopause has claimed my memory so her name escapes me right now, it may pop up later in this post should it be freed from the dark chasms of my mind) who stated that the government was targeting her home with LRADs (long-range acoustic devices) infrasound weapons and microwaves.

I remember at the time thinking that this was something out of science fiction and the lady had read too much. There was no way that (a) the government would be targeting one of its own citizens and (b) that such weapons actually existed. BOY WAS I WRONG on both accounts.

The first difference between LRAD and an ordinary loudspeaker is direction.  As shown in the diagram above the sound that resonates from a speaker travels in all directions simultaneously whereas sound from a long-range acoustic device is directional and dictated by an operator targeting and focusing on a particular place or person.

The second difference I can point out is the speaker itself. With a conventional speaker, there is only one electromagnetic speaker whereas with an LRAD there are multiple which, along with the size of the device, amplifies the sound waves and allows for better focus.

This machine works by using sound against you. The volume of 'sound' can agitate and when teamed with a high pitch can cause pain in the target:

Normal conversation - 60db
Fridge Freezer - 32db /47db
Lawnmower - 90db
Human pain threshold - 130db (depending on the individual)
LRAD maximum volume - 162db

While researching I happened across this fantastic PDF which discussed all the above and their uses on the public by both military and commercial companies

I am currently digging deeper as regarding this and plan to write up a more in-depth article that may span a few articles due to the nature and the breakdown of the topic.

Stay tuned.

TIME TRAVEL - Further Evidence?

So after writing about the mysterious John Titor, I decided that if there was technology to time travel surely more than one person would come back? This prompted me to do a little digging and I have to say thanks to Google I didn't have to dig too deep.

Below are examples of images I found of a few famous people who could possibly be time travelers:

We have all seen the images of the movie actors, TV personalities or corporate heads who resemble someone from the past (some I ruled out as photoshop or images of characters they played that others were confusing with the topic of TT). Some of the resemblances are uncanny but we can't seriously put this down to time travel, can we? 

I have read so many explanations as to how this can happen and they range from being distant relations, genetic reoccurrences, shallow global gene pool. Another term for someone who looks like you but is not related is Doppelganger. 

This has been highlighted quite a lot recently and I think the reason for that is that the world is shrinking, not physically (that I know of) but metaphorically, with the introduction of the internet and social media. 

This is a case of a man meeting his doppelganger on a plane...

Niamh Geaney previously found her 'twin stranger' in Karen Branigan (right), through a social media campaign she launched with friends (since this she has found 3 others).

This phenomenon has grown with the help of the internet to the extent that a site has been set up to allow people to find 'their' very own 'twin' (I signed up to the twin stranger site and added a photo but they found no match, I guess the universe can only handle one Kate Denver). So could our famous occurrences of time traveling celebrities be just like above? Flukes of nature?

You decide...


Related image


Back on January 27th, 2001, a guy calling himself 'John Titor' posted on Art Bell's message board, Post to Post explaining how he was a Time Traveler from the year 2036. 

"Greetings. I am a time traveler from the year 2036. I am on my way home after getting an IBM 5100 computer system from the year 1975. My "time" machine is a stationary mass, temporal displacement unit manufactured by General Electric. The unit is powered by two, top-spin, dual positive singularities that produce a standard, off-set Tipler sinusoid. I will be happy to post pictures of the unit."

When he was active on the boards he would answer questions posed by others regarding things relating to but limited to time travel, physics, and many other topics. Overall, John Titor came across not as a LARPer but as an actual person telling what he deemed to be the truth. 

He claimed he traveled back in time to retrieve this IBM computer because of its unique ability to emulate programs from APL and BASIC programming languages and that it would help prevent a UNIX Timeout in 2038. 

Now when this was first mentioned by John Titor all but a few were unaware that this machine did in fact have this capability. It was only a few engineers who worked on the IBM 5100 who knew of this and the information regarding this did not come out into public knowledge until after John Titor's post. 

As time passed, he would go on to give more details about HIS past (our possible futures) and these tidbits of information would spark many imaginations. From a United States Civil War in 2004, where the 'American Federal Empire' would be nuked by Russia, to how the United States would be ruled by FIVE regional presidents. He described the post-apocalyptic world he lived in and by all accounts, it didn't sound too bad going on his descriptions. 

In all his correspondence with those on the forums, he would always refuse to give details of anything that would allow others to use that information to financially gain from it, avoid death or influence their future in any way. John gave quite a bit of information on his life in the future and how things were around him. 

Even though John appeared to be very knowledgeable in aspects of quantum science, things like CERN and many other things he could not have possibly known as they were not published or out in the viewing range of others like the Segway  (aka Project Ginger) or YouTube, many still claimed him to be a fraud. 

Here are a few people many who have researched him and believe it to be a hoax think he could actually be:

Larry Haber: He lives in Flordia and is an entertainment lawyer. He represents John Titor's 'family' in all aspects relating to the time traveler. He is also CEO of The John Titor Foundation Limited Liability Corporation which holds the rights to Titor's 177th Military Unit insignia. It also published a book which was a collection of all of the posts of John Titor.
(source: Who Authored the John Titor Legend?)

Richard and Morey Haber: Brothers of the above-mentioned Lawyer, one of which was the VP of security at a Cyber Security firm called Beyond Trust (a little info about the company from 2016). This little gem is a high indicator to some that he plays a large role in the hoax of John Titor. 

Joseph Matheny: This man has worked in the tech sector since 1993 and in various companies such as Adobe and Netscape. He is the holder of many patents but what piques the interest of many of the researchers of the origins of Titor is that he was the go-to guy on all things related to the Internet's first alternate reality game, Ong's Hat (click to find out more).

There are others but these were the main players that I could find. So although I didn't answer the question I posed in the title, I do hope I have given a little food for thought on the topic and to some a little information, they may not have already read. Do I believe John Titor is a time traveler? I honestly do not know, there are some very strong arguments on both sides of the fence. Just when I think I have settled on one side I read something that lifts me and sets me right back on the fence.

It is fair to say that if not for the connection to Art Bell and his extremely popular Talk Radio show John Titor would have died out and wasted away into the obscure corners of the conspiracy mind. Is he a time traveler? I guess we will never truly know as even if confessed to being him, the person would have to PROVE it and let's face it, how is that possible?


I found that through my teens I would be plagued by these night terrors. When I tried to explain them to my parents or my brothers they would just smile sympathetically and tell me that it would settle down and that they were 'just bad dreams'. Nobody understood the sheer anxiety I felt at the idea of going to bed at night and most certainly not my new irrational fear of the dark

After my first experience, I would insist on my mum leaving the bathroom light on when she herself was going to sleep so that should I wake there would be light to illuminate my room. Even though my mum sat awake most nights until the wee small hours, and sometimes approaching dawn, there were rare occasions that she would be tired and be asleep herself shortly after the last of my brothers had arrived home from working their shift in the local hotel bar.

This particular night, I would later realize, would be the first time that I would be able to identify strangeness BEFORE going to sleep. Something that I could take note of that I experienced on those nights I would suffer terrors that subsequently always lead to SP upon awakening. 

An hour or so before going to bed my hearing would start to zone in and out. The sounds heard in my right ear would dull down for a while before heightening. I would hear subtle sounds so loud that the sound of them would drive me crazy. For example, I would be sitting in the living room, which was situated next to the kitchen, when the sound in my right ear would dull right down for a few moments before feeling like someone had cranked the sound right up to 100 in that ear. I could hear the hum of the fridge in the kitchen and it sounded unbelievably loud. I would ask those in the room with me if they too could hear it and they would look at me in bewilderment saying they heard nothing. My mum suggested that I could be developing an ear infection and on those times she would do the motherly thing and put olive oil on a piece of cotton wool and plug my ear with it. 

It wouldn't be until a year or so later that the significance of this would become apparent. The fact that there were others who experienced the same thing before instances of SP and had documented this in books, blogs, and forums was reassuring to me. I felt normal-ish, it felt good that I wasn't losing my mind.

The heightened sounds eventually dulled that night to a low hum, to almost like a vibration sensation resonating in my ear. It hadn't gone away by the time I was going to bed but it had dulled enough to let me sleep. I'd had a bath, got into my PJ's and curled up with my teddy bear (don't judge lol, it was a source of comfort and I did keep one up until I moved in with my now husband). It's funny since I was a kid, I rarely remembered my dreams. I would wake up as if I'd been switched off at bedtime and reactivated the next morning and no matter how much sleep I got I always woke tired. The only dreams I remembered and not just through a fuzzy haze, but with absolute clarity, were my nightmares and my SP experiences. 

In my dream that night I was in a hut, something like the one in the image below. I was wearing blue jeans, generic trainers, and my long hair was tied up in a ponytail. I knew I had a white sleeveless top on with a pocket on the breast pocket even though I couldn't really see it as I was strangely wearing a white lab coat over it. The coat was a little too big for me and I'd had the sleeves rolled up to fit me better. The reason I am going into so much detail is to highlight just how aware I was and just how vivid that even now some twenty tears later I still remember it as clear as day. 

(The cabin looked like this minus the bars on the windows. There had been only one window on the left of the door and it was a larger window with shatterproof, unbreakable perspex. The cabin was raised off the ground just enough that there were four steel steps up to the door.)

Inside the cabin was a wood and metal table with an old-style school chair pushed in. On the table was a bowl sat upon weighing scales and it held something that was glowing. I remember looking out the window to see that there was an identical cabin just facing the one I was in but it was roughly thirty feet or so away. The two cabins were surrounded by a metal eight-foot fence that had signs on them that I could not read. In the cabin facing me was my brother, he was wearing the same white lab coat and he was beckoning me to him. 

I don't know why, but I felt to go to him I had to bring the glowing light with me, so I lifted it in my hand and placed it in my right pocket. I kept my hand in there holding it as I pulled the door open and exited the cabin. Stepping down to the ground I began to walk towards the cabin my brother was in, I'd gotten near halfway when I glanced up to smile at my brother only to see he was yelling. The cabins were soundproof so I could not hear him but I could see the panic on his face and he was banging on the window with his fists, his face red from his exertions. I remember frowning, confused as to why he would be acting like that as I knew the cabin I left was empty and that there were only my brother and myself there. I watched as he turned away from the window only to return seconds later bringing the chair violently against it in an attempt to break it.

It was at this point, and while walking in his direction still, I turned to see what he was so frantic about. This all seemed to happen in slow motion from this point on for me. I slowly turned, the last thing I saw was the handle of the door belonging to the cabin my brother was in being tugged as if he was trying to open the door. He had just returned to the window once more as I glanced over my shoulder back towards the cabin I had come from. To my horror, there standing at the window in the cabin I came from was The Hooded Guy. He was just standing there and even though I couldn't see his face, I could tell he was watching my brother's frantic vain efforts to break the window. His head then slowly turned and he was looking at me. I could see the door was open and it had been wedged open with the chair. 

I knew then that the reason my brother could not open the door to his cabin was that the cabins had a security system. For his door to open, mine had to be closed. I turned back to my brother's cabin and tried to run, but the harder I tried the slower I seemed to move, yet when I glanced behind me The Hooded Guy was slowly exiting the cabin I had been in and was moving unhindered and at a normal speed. The fear washed over me and I began to drown in panic. I knew it wasn't real, I knew I was dreaming, but I could not shake myself out of it. 

I glanced up at my brother, he was crying, his fists slamming repeatedly of the window, blood smeared on it as he had hurt his hands in his attempts to break it. Then he stopped, just briefly before his eyes grew wider and he began once again, more frantic than before in his attempts to get to me. He appeared to be yelling, anger, fear, and panic on his face, a strange mix of emotions. I was so close to his now, so near his cabin that only a few more steps would have me there at the door. I glanced back just in time to see the arm raised, a large blade in a black-gloved hand raised above my head about to strike down. . . 

And then I woke. 

I was in my bed, lying on my back with my legs straight, toes pointed, arms by my side and hands fisted. My body poker straight, I could not move. The fear I felt in my nightmare was nothing compared to this. Why? Because the nightmare had ended, it had been a dream, this was reality and I could not move. Then I heard the whispers.

The only thing I could move was my eyes and I strained to look around the room, it was then I saw the figure of a person in the corner by the wardrobe. The room was dark, the only light was from the bathroom room at the end of the hall. It did not light my room, rather it gently lit the part of the room my bed was in, where the thing was standing was in shadow but I knew it was there as the figure was blacker than the shadow itself. Then, knowing I had seen it the red eyes appeared. 

I tried so hard to scream that night, but there was no sound. I tried to move but the harder I tried the more restricted I felt. I remember closing my eyes tightly shut to see if I could make it go away, but when I opened my eyes not only was it still there but it was closer to the side of the bed. Tears now fell freely from my eyes and down the side of my face as fear robbed me of all I had. I could hear my mum in her room talking to my dad. I could hear her telling him off for something he had done during the day that had annoyed her and his laugh as he joked about it. Then, just like my first experience, I could hear this ungodly scream. It took seconds for me to realize it was me, I was making the sound. The hall was flooded with light as my parents came rushing out of their bedroom and into mine. My mum scooped me up in her arms and kept telling me it was ok. It was a bad dream. My dad stood just behind her looking worried and there, standing by his side was The Hooded Guy. My eyes grew wide and I began to sob. It turned and looked at my dad, then back to me before stepping back into the shadows before blending into the wall and disappearing. It was only then that I could move and I clung to my mum.

At the age of 15 for the first time since I was a child, I slept in my parents' room at the foot of their bed. My dad wanted to sleep in my room but I was so afraid that HE would get him that my dad stayed where he was, where I felt he was safer. 

It was a horrific experience and it was then I realized that they could not see him, only I could and I thought I was losing my mind. It was just days after that I began my research into sleep disorders and discovered stories like mine where those who studied it called it a disorder and something that could be easily explained, while those who experienced it called it Sleep Paralysis and then knew it was not normal, not easily explained and most certainly something to be feared.

WHAT IS SLEEP PARALYSIS -- The Spiritual Explanation - DRAFT

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Now this one has the potential to be a little long-winded. According to Wiki, the estimated number of religions in the world right now sits at a healthy 4,200.  Don't worry, I won't be covering them all, we would be here all day. I will touch upon the main religions with connections to SP and the 'How's and Why's' as to what those in that religion believe is the reason or cause.

Although they differ wildly in many areas there is a common thread that binds them all and that is their belief in positive and negative influences (I won't say good and evil as some do not use those labels) upon their spiritual followers. 

Some of these religions view instances of SP as a positive thing but they are few and far between with the majority believing that these attacks are indeed that...attacks on the person's soul or spirit. The question is, can the practitioner of these religious beliefs control the attacks or stop them from happening altogether using the authority of their religion?


Christianity is a blanket term for many sub-religions that include but are not limited:

  • Catholicism (est. 1.285 billion), 
  • Protestantism (est. 920 million. 1.2.1 Anglicanism – 85 million), 
  • Eastern Orthodox Church (est. 270 million), 
  • Oriental Orthodoxy (est. 86 million),
  • Restorationism and Nontrinitarianism (est. 35 million),
  • Independent Catholicism (est. 18 million),
  • Minor branches (est. 1 million).

According to The Spiritual Research Foundation, only 10% of cases happen when an experiencer is falling asleep or coming out of sleep. In 90% cases, it happens in sleep, hence the affected person is not aware of it or is only semi-aware of it. Many believe that upon waking and finding your body affected by SP that it only takes the experiencer to think of Jesus and to say in some way "In the name of Jesus I command you to leave" then when this is done they will once again be able to move and the "entity" that was affecting them would be gone. Though those who believe this also believe that this only works for devout Christians for only the devout can command the word of God (I guess by that thought the rest of us are screwed).

Most who believe in the spiritual explanation also believe that SP is caused by demons, the fallen ones who were banished to earth along with Lucifer. They believe that these demons come to us at our most vulnerable time to take advantage of us in a weakened state and at a time when we are unaware of our surroundings.

Some link claims of SP to attacks from incubi and succubi demons, and terms like Shadow People merely cultural interpretations of the same thing.


All that falls outside the umbrella term of Christianity...

WHAT IS SLEEP PARALYSIS? -- The Scientific Explanation and The Study

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Sleep Paralysis is a phenomenon that has been studied far and wide, not only by universities and Sleep Institutes but those who experience it in their daily lives. If you Google it, you will get this:
"Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious but unable to move. It occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep. During these transitions, you may be unable to move or speak for a few seconds up to a few minutes. Some people may also feel pressure or a sense of choking."
www.webmd -- sleep-disorders/guide/sleep-paralysis 
It is basic, it is, for the most part, factual but what it does not do is describe the panic and sheer terror this condition can cause to the person who experiences it. In this post, I will briefly discuss a few of the thoughts on what SP  is from the viewpoint of the experiencer, the academic, and the spiritual believer. These the experiencer, depending on their social viewpoint, will fall on either side of the coin. Some believe that science has the answer and that if they simply don't fall asleep on their back, sleep partially sitting up or if they disturb their sleep pattern then it will help them stop or control their experiences of SP. Others believe that science only knows the mechanics of what SP is but not the true cause. They believe that while they sleep their spirit, their astral being, leaves their body and what they experience after it returns are the effects of that journey. They believe it to be a spiritual experience and one that should not be feared.


Penn State and the University of Pennsylvania carried out a study in 2011 which showed that less than 7.6 percent of the general population in the United States of America experienced sleep paralysis, and of that 7.6 percent, it was more frequent in two groups -- students and people with certain psychiatric conditions.

During an episode of sleep paralysis the experiencer may:
  • find it difficult to take deep breaths, as if their chest is being crushed or restricted,
  • be able to move their eyes – some people can also open their eyes while others find they can't,
  • have a sensation that there's someone or something in the room with you (hallucination?) – many people feel this presence wishes to harm them,
  • feel very frightened,
  • have the sensation of being held down,
  • try to cry out but they can not.
The length of an episode can vary from a few seconds to several minutes.

Dr. Shelby Harris, director of Behavioral Sleep Medicine at the Sleep-Wake Disorders Center at the Montefiore Health System in the Bronx, New York states that several things can bring on episodes of sleep paralysis. Triggers can be anything from sleep deprivation, some medications, and some sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. His findings showed that sleep paralysis could commonly be seen in patients with narcolepsy, a condition characterized by an extreme tendency to fall asleep whenever in relaxing surroundings.


Last year, in 2017, Claire Barrand and I carried out a study to see what information we could gather on experiences of SP. We questioned 171 people using a questionnaire about their experiences of SP before, during, and after. Even though the test sample is a small one, the results are interesting.

  • First instances of SP happened during adolescence years (ages 12 to 18), with only 48 people out of 171 experiencing it for the first time from the age of 21-years-old or over,
  • 78% said they could not vocalize sound during SP,
  • 63% said SP usually happened while sleeping on their backs, while 30% said would happen while sleeping on their side.
When asked, "Were you taking any sort of drugs (OTC - over the counter or recreational) before an instance of SP" we found that 125 had not, while 25 of those asked had either taken drugs or alcohol.
  • 61% said they had a visual cue while dreaming that SP would happen when they woke. 
This would indicate to us that lucid dreaming played a role in these instances of SP as being aware of their dream state would suggest this.
  • 80% of 156 people asked said that upon waking and during SP they were aware of or sensed someone or something in the room with them. 
  • 61.8% of 170 people asked felt they had no control of their SP (shaking themselves out of it or inducing it)
Of those asked, and their answers given, it would appear that FEAR was a major factor in their experience. Those who experience the most found it appeared to last longer and the chances of it reoccurring were greater compared to those who did not fear it. Of those asked 59 people out of 150 thought of SP as a positive experience while 90 people felt it was negative.

When 170 people were asked - Do you see SP as a spiritual experience?
  • 24.1% said YES
  • 34.1% said NO
  • 41.8% were unsure
When 170 people were asked - Do you see SP as a paranormal experience?
  • 24.1% said YES
  • 31.8% said NO
  • 44.1% were unsure
When 170 people were asked - Do you see SP as a medical issue?
  • 32.9% said YES
  • 21.2% said NO
  • 45.9% were unsure
In addition to the above figures, we found that - 
  • 77% could clearly remember their first instance of SP,
  • 89.5% has no knowledge of SP until AFTER their first attack,
  • 71% were alone in bed during the attack.
We were curious if anyone had any sort of warning that they would be experiencing SP later that night and of 171 people asked - 
  • 59% said no, it happened out of the blue and they had no control
  • 32% said they would have a warning, usually, a bussing sound or a vibrating hum in their ears during the day or as they were settling to sleep (this has been my experience).
To date, science says there is no cure for sleep paralysis but many are treating what they see as a possible underlying cause that has been highlighted by the scientific community. Some find it is brought on by sleep deprivation which would reasonably tie in with sleep disorders like apnea. For others, it has been found that avoiding nicotine, alcohol, and drugs after a certain time at night (at least 3 hours before sleep) reduces the instances of SP.