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OK, I have an update as to why there have been no new posts from me on the blog. 

Last Friday after a long shift I got home and after dinner noticed my throat had started to feel a little iffy. I got up and went to work the next day and took a few paracetamols. By the time I got home I was running a fever and feeling lousy as hell. 

Waking Sunday morning my throat ached, my head felt as if there were workmen drilling behind my temples and I had developed a dry persistent cough. Sorry, an annoying, dry persistent cough. I called 111 to ask for advice and after asking me what my symptoms where they advised me to self-isolate for 7 days. So even though I was coughing, had a temp, and a nasty sore throat I saw an upside. No work for 7 days which meant I could be at home and work on a few things I had been researching and get a few posts up.

How wrong have I been? Now because they are no longer testing everyone for the Covid19 virus I have no idea if I have it, or if I don't. What I do know is I have slept the biggest majority of the time I have had off and the time I have been awake I have been coughing and dealing with the pain in my throat. So, although I have not completed the posts and scheduled them I can give you a heads up as to what is to come when I get back on my feet:
  • Stardust Ranch
  • Review of the paranormal show - Trending Fear
  • The Phoenix Lights
  • Review of the paranormal show - The Holzer Files 
  • ...and much more!
So please bear with me and as soon as I am back on my feet and my brain doesn't feel scrambled I will get them out there. 

Be safe out there people, things are scary but remember...keep your wits, be kind and think of others out there as well as yourself. 

BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES - 78th Anniversary

Feb. 25, 1942. The retouched version of searchlight photo after work by Los Angeles Times artists
(Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA)

Today marks the 78th Anniversary of an incident that happened over Los Angeles during WWII which would quickly become widely known the world over as 'Battle of Los Angeles'.

I am going to make my way through this post by giving you facts. Facts from newspaper articles, as well as quotes from military sources, police sources and even the every day Joe Blogs like you and I.
I will give a timeline of what happened, and I will cap the post off with what the military (Navy and Army) declared it to be and what I personally believe.

So, let's delve in...

December 1941 - Japenese attack Pearl Harbor
  • several military personnel were killed (this included 2,008 navy personnel, 109 marines, and 218 army. Added to this were 68 civilians. This made the total number of 2403 people dead. Of these, 1,177 were from one ship, the USS Arizona.)
Feb. 23, 1942 - Japenese submarine was spotted, and an attack launched on The Ellwood Oil Field, near Santa Barbara, the damage was minimal.

Feb. 24, 1942 - Naval Intelligence received reports that an attack could be expected once more in the next ten hours.
  • This put the southern California coast on Yellow Alert. Three hours later it reverted back to white.
Feb. 25, 1942 
  • At 01:44am three separate radar stations reported an unidentified flying object approaching the coast of California, towards Los Angeles.
  • At 02:00am the still unidentified flying object was roughly two kilometres offshore. It was at this time the AA (Anti-Aircraft) were put on 'Green Alert' - ready to fire.
  • At 02:25am the "UFO" to within five kilometres of the city of Los Angeles. It was at this stage the alarm was sounded, and the city was ordered to Black Out. It was reported it was at this time radar controllers lost contact and sight of the object. But searchlights stationed along the coast and on high ground were locked on it and followed it along its flight path. 
  • At 03:07am the AA units were given the order to open fire. Witness reported the skies over Los Angeles "...erupted like a volcano". The AA fire was erratic due to multiple conflicting reports ranging from one UFO and multiple seen over the city skyline. Some witnesses even reporting up to 200 High Altitude Bombers. All of this while some people reported seeing nothing at all.  
  • The barrage of AA ended shortly after 04:00am - Army officials declined to comment on what the object was. More than 1,400 rounds of artillery had been fired at the object.
  • The object moved slowly down the Pacific Coast from Santa Monica before disappearing south of Long Beach.
(The Galveston Daily News, Feb. 25, 1942)
  • The blackout was maintained until dawn.
  • Five people died as a result - three in vehicle accidents and two others had suffered massive heart attacks which were put down to the stress of the events. There was also substantial damage to buildings and vehicles from the fall out of artillery debris.

Motorcycle Officers B. H. McLean, left and Bobby Clark guard a roped-pff zone on Maple Street in Santa Monica while a dud shell is dug up. This photo appeared in Feb. 26, 1942, Los Angeles Times. (Los Angeles Times)

There were over 100,000 reported eyewitnesses to the events that unfolded in the early hours of Feb. 25. They ranged from the public, police officers right up to military personnel. But we will soon discover that eyewitness reports are not very reliable. 

Here are some I was able to dig up:

"...I was 14 at the time, living in the Adams and Crenshaw area of Los Angeles. My family and I observed the entire episode through the large bay window of our home facing west.
The air raid sirens awoke us at 2 AM. There was a period of silence following that, then the thumping of antiaircraft fire. The northwest sky was lit up with bursting shells and searchlights. The action was moving south along the coastline. I remember distinctly the convergence of searchlights reflecting off the bottom of some kind of slow moving objects, apparently flying in formation. They seemed to be completely oblivious and impervious to the shells exploding around them.
 ...I was surprised in the days that followed to discover that with all that aggressive firepower there was no evidence that we had brought anything down.
We were looking in a westward direction from our large living room bay window which gave us an unobstructed panorama of view facing the northwest, west and southwest. We then went to our south-facing kitchen and porch windows to observe the action where it culminated in the south. Ergo, the action followed the coastline.
It could have been two, or three, or up to six miles away, I can't recall exactly since it occurred so long ago. But I strongly remember the searchlights converging on the bottoms of the reddish objects flying in formation."

Scott Littleton:
"I was an eye-witness to the events of that unforgettable February morning in February of 1942. I was eight-years-old at the time, and my parents lived at 2500 Strand in Hermosa Beach, right on the beach. We thus had a grandstand seat. While my father went about his air-raid warden duties, my late mother and I watched the glowing object, which was caught in the glare of searchlights from both Palos Verdes and Malibu/Pacific/Palisades and surrounded by the puffs of ineffectual anti-aircraft fire, as it slowly flew across the ocean from northwest to southeast. 
It headed inland over Redondo Beach, a couple of miles to the south of our vantage point, and eventually disappeared over the eastern end of the Palos Verdes hills, what's today called Rancho Palos Verdes. The whole incident last, at least from our perspective, lasted about half an hour, though we didn't time it. 
...I spend the next morning picking up of pieces of shrapnel on the beach; indeed, it's a wonder more people weren't injured by the stuff, as we were far from the only folks standing outside watching the action.
In any case, I don't recall seeing any truly discernable configuration, just a small, glowing, slight lozenge-shaped blob light-a single, blob, BTW. We only saw one object, not several as some witnesses later reported. At the time, we were convinced that it was a [Jap] reconnaissance plane, and that L.A. might be due for a major air-raid in the near future. 
... We all expected "them," that is, the Military, to tell us what was really up there after the war. But that never happened, either..."

 Volunteer Air Raid Warden:
"It was huge! It was just enormous! And it was practically right over my house. I had never seen anything like it in my life! It was just hovering there in the sky and hardly moving at all. It was a lovely pale orange and about the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. I could see it perfectly because it was very close. It was big!
They sent fighter planes up and I watched them in groups approach it and then turn away. There were shooting at it but it didn't seem to matter. It was like the Fourth of July, but much louder. They were firing like crazy but they couldn't touch it. 
I'll never forget what a magnificent sight it was. Just marvelous. And what a gorgeous color!" 
Newspapers initially reported that there were rumours and eyewitnesses of multiple planes being shot down. One such report was from a desk sergeant at the 77th Street Station.  He reported seeing two planes fall from the sky, having witnessed it through the glare of the searchlights. But upon investigation, this was proved false. Nothing was found but fallen shrapnel.

Western Defense Command announced, "No Bombs Dropped, No Planes Downed."

But with all of the hoopla coming from "eyewitness" and the newspapers, the public hoped that the military would give a clear answer on what had actually happened, but that too would become unclear and confusing. Both the Navy and the Army giving conflicting statements after the spectacular event.

Franklin Knox, Secretary of the Navy, gave a statement:
"It was just a false alarm. There were no planes over Los Angeles last night, at least, that is our understanding." 
 This was contradicted when that same day a statement was released by Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War, Army:
"As many as 15 planes may have been involved, flying at various speeds from what is officially reported as being 'very slow' to as much as 200 mph, and at an elevation of from 9,000 feet to 18,000 feet."
He went on to suggest that the craft flown by enemy agents may have been from commercial sources (Feb. 26, 1942).

So instead of clearing up the events of that night, the military along with the help of the newspapers made the whole thing even more confusing. But with the events unfolding as the war waged on the night of Feb. 25 was soon pushed to the back of the publics minds.

Unbeknownst to the public the military, clearly wanting to get to the bottom of what had happened, carried out an extensive investigation into the events and on March  22nd, 1942, released an official statement:
"It has been definitely ascertained that the blackout and antiaircraft firing [...] were caused by the presence of from one to five unidentified airplanes. While it is possible that these airplanes were launched from a Japenese submarine, it is more likely that they were civilian or commercial planes operated [by] unauthorised pilots."
This explanation was believed throughout the government and the public. The events once again drifted to the back of people's minds. The everyday American got on with life, and the war effort waged on. It was accepted and the whole thing put to bed.

But when the Japanese surrendered in 1945 declassified documents came to the fore and once more the Battle of Los Angeles was again in the spotlight. These documents stated the army investigation in 1942 shortly after the blackout had ended along with military and civilian testimonies had detailed several things, but most importantly it had highlighted that they had not believed the object/s seen in the night sky were planes.

The report stated the following:
  • At 02:43am a gun officer had reported unidentified planes between Seal Beach and Long Beach.
  • At 03:06am a balloon carrying a red flare was reported over Santa Monica. After firing 482 rounds at the object "dirigible", there was no visible result.
Meaning there did not appear to be any damage. This report has now introduced something new into the theory of what happened that night. This would later be compounded with a document released in 1948 stating that two meteorological balloons had been released in Hollywood in the early hours of Feb. 25.

Getting whiplash yet? I know I am. It is at this point in the research of this event that I began to form my own theories into what had happened that night. This was fortified when I discovered Japan, upon surrender, had declared that it had not launched any attack on the west coast on that particular night (as it had on other nights).

There are other contradictory reports but it was pointless to post them here as they simply regurgitated what I had mentioned above. We also need to keep in mind when researching and dealing with statements from eyewitnesses the validity of these given the errors in human recollection as well as how personal perception plays into such reports. But so many corresponding stories have to play a role in this mixed-up tale.

There is proof to support the weather balloon theory such as the speed of the objects, the path they took, and the fact that the only debris found on the ground was from the antiaircraft artillery. But equally, there is conflicting evidence such as the radar signal from four separate locations stating the object came from the direction of the sea and moved inland.

(purported letter or memo of communication, between then U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the U.S. Army Chief of Staff General George C. Marshall, dated February 27, 1942)

This memo was two days after the UFO over Los Angeles, where FDR refers to "atomic secrets learned from the study of celestial devices." The date by most is considered coincidental (but I don't believe in coincidences). Dr Bush referred to in the memo, by the way, is Dr Vannevar Bush, the chairman of FDRs National Defense Resource Committee (NDRC), who oversaw the invention and development of atomic weapons for the war effort.

It is impossible as a researcher to make a definite ruling on what actually happened that night going with the facts as presented as they are exceptionally contradictory to the point of ridiculous. It is safe to say the attack on Pearl Harbor along with the attack a day previous on the Elwood Oil Field, that the public and the military were on tenterhooks. Was this enough to create this tangled web of confusion and muddied reports? Or did something really happen that fateful night that could not be explained to the public and was kept hidden with disinformation by the military? Who knows, but I will leave you with this quote from, Captain Robert Salas, U.S. Airforce (retired):
"These objects have been seen in recorded history. There is no question we're being visited by something we don't understand."

(above left, documentary - middle and right, book links)
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SKINWALKER RANCH - Past, Present, and Future.

I am gonna start by saying that this has been a love affair of mine for quite some time. I have read every article I could get my hands on, every book, and watched just about every interview and documentary on this ranch. The story is mind-boggling and yet totally fascinating.

In this post, I am going to talk about the history of the ranch before the Sherman family bought it and moved in. I will then cover some of their experiences as there are so many of them. Too many to write about them all (it would be like writing a book). I will then finish with the present day, who owns the ranch and what is known about them and their plans for it. So sit back, get comfortable, and let's delve into the mysterious and spooky happenings at what is commonly now known as Skinwalker Ranch.


The ranch is located south-east of Ballard, Utah and is located bordering the Ute Indian Reservation. It is a substantial piece of land (listed as 512 acres on Wiki but just over 480 acres from other sources) that houses three homesteads, one of which the Sherman family took up residence in.

Situated in the Uintah Basin, it is known locally, as well as globally, as a UFO hotspot. This dates back as far as 1776 when Spanish missionaries, Fr. Atanasio Domínguez and Fr. Silvestre Vélez de Escalante, sought to find an overland route from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to their Roman Catholic mission in Monterey (this would later come to be known as The Old Spanish Trail). Upon setting up camp and settling for the evening, they and those with them witnessed what they referred to as 'strange lights' in the sky above their camp.

The Ute people tell stories that span 15 generations of 'The Sky People'. Recorded instances of strange and unusual happenings are too numerous to mention in one post and from research, I can say that they are not only relating to this ranch but other surrounding ranches and others in that area of the Uintah Basin.

The term 'Skinwalker' is lore connected to Navajo Indians, and it is rooted in the fall out of what happened after the Ute and Navajo war. The basic jist is the Ute people sided with the Spanish and drove the Navajo of their land. For this, the Navajo put a curse on the land. This curse is the skinwalker. Now, how does this relate to the Sherman Ranch? Well, the ridge beside it is known to the Ute as 'Path of the Skinwalker'. To this day Ute tribe members are advised NOT to set foot on it or the surrounding properties.

The area is known to be rich in Hydrocarbons (an organic chemical compound composed exclusively of hydrogen and carbon atoms. They occur naturally and form the basis of crude oil, natural gas, coal, and other important types of energy sources). It has also been rich in the discovery of dinosaur bones and was 90% Mormon until the oil boom (gained by fracking). After the events became public, Frank B. Sailsbury PhD wrote a book detailing some of the things the family experienced (available in paperback only).


Terry and Gwen Sherman along with their children moved onto the ranch in 1994, and from the very first day they set foot on the land, the high-strangeness began. The paranormal reality the family endured ended 18 months later when they couldn't take it any longer, both financially and emotionally, and they sold what had once been their dream home. 

On their first day, as they were unloading their stuff, they were approached by what they described as a massive wolf. It sauntered towards them, not nervous or wary, but as a pet would, with confidence. The family thought it strange and kept their guard up, but creature gave no reason at that time for them to fear it other than it being something they had not seen before.

All seemed calm, and the family began once more to pick up their things but a slight distance away a young calf poked its head through the gap in the fence and let out a hungry bellow. This was the pin that popped the bubble. The strange creature turned and moved at speed to the site of the calf and the family watched in horror as it locked its massive jaws around the young animals head and began to tug on it. The young calf panicked and cried out in pain as this strange animal continued its attempt to drag it through the bars of the fence. 

After a brief moment of shock, the family moved to try and shoo the creature away and save the little calf. They lifted large sticks and proceeded to beat the animal over the back, but it would not free the scared calf. As a matter of fact, it appeared to ignore them. Terry then pulled out his 357 Magnum and shot it four times at close range. On the fourth shot, the massive creature released the calf, but it showed no sign of injury or distress. 

Fearing it would turn its attention on the family they backed off a bit and Terry called to his son to get his thirty-aught-six riffle. At 20-ft Terry fired twice, both hitting the creature. The first shot caused it to back of a little and the second was when they could see they had visibly wounded it. A large lump of flesh fell off the creature as it slowly turned and walked off in the direction it came from. It again showing confidence as it walked away. 

Terry and his son rushed and grabbed another rifle and left to track it. They knew this strange creature had now tasted blood and could very well be back to finish what it had started, so they knew they had to take care of it to save their cattle. The tracks were visible and were indented a good 2-inches in the mud. They followed them out into the middle of a clearing where the tracks just appeared to stop dead. It was as if the animal had just vanished into thin air.

Now I could list many more of these crazy stories the family had experienced, but there simply are just so many that this post would become a book. For more stories, click play on the video below. This is George Knapp doing a presentation at #McMenaminsUFOFest back in 2018.

One of the strange things the family noticed and remarked on when they moved in was how there were large, heavy stakes, one at the front door and the other at the side door, both with heavy chains attached. Terry and the family assumed the previous owners must have used them to chain up guard dogs. The strangeness didn't stop there. Upon entering the home, they noted bolts and locks on ALL the doors, internal and external, and on both sides. 

Some of the things the Sherman family experienced were:
  • Poltergeist activity - items would move on their own, disappear and reappear in another place (Gwen's hairbrush disappeared from the bathroom when she was taking a shower - with the door locked on the inside - and was found later in the fridge). 
  • They felt like they were always being watched by someone or something throughout the property.
  • Shadows and humanoid shapes would be seen inside and outside on the property.
  • They would hear walking when there was no one there.
  • They would hear disembodied voices.
Some of the other things they would experience would be the sound of metal on metal from under the ground. A loud grinding sound that at times caused the earth to vibrate. Other strange occurrences, for example, was when large pieces of equipment were set outside, they would be moved within minutes to another part of the ranch. One instance of this was when fence posts had been moved by Terry's son and his friends. They went inside for a break only to find when they returned that they had been put back again to near enough the exact same spot by something, but they have no idea what.

It must also be noted the previous owners had it on the deeds of the property that the Shermans and any subsequent owners should not dig up the ground on the property unless they contacted the previous owners (weird right?).

The family also experienced:
  • Cattle mutilations.
  • Vanishing cattle.
  • Glowing blue, and orange orbs.
  • Large creatures with red eyes.
  • Bigfoot-type creatures. 
  • Portals forming from the orbs.
The Sherman family witnessed and suffered a lot in the short 18-months they lived on the ranch until they just could not stay there any longer fearing for their family and their business. Having heard of the strange and disturbing happenings on the ranch, Las Vegas real estate magnate and UFO enthusiast Robert Bigelow bought the property of the Shermans for $200,000 (which included their herd of cattle). He helped the family find and move to a ranch nearby but kept Terry employed at Skinwalker Ranch to maintain some sort of 'normality' (haha as if that was ever a thing at this location) while he brought his team of experts to set up and investigate the strange reports. 

Bigelow had founded the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) to research and study various fringe science topics and paranormal topics (these topics ranged from ufology, cattle mutilation, and black triangle reports) and this was the team he inserted into the ranch to monitor the high strangeness. 

Starting at the beginning, the NIDS researchers produced and showed the family members a line up of images. They wanted to narrow down what the creature looked like that very first day. Each image was displayed, and each of the family picked the same image. It was the image of a Dire Wolf, an animal that has been extinct for over 10,000 years. 

Courtesy of Jack Napier @AceOfBrute (Twitter)

The Dire Wolf, known as Canis dirus, lived between 250,000 to 10,000 years ago, and are a close relative of the gray wolf. 

Over the 20-years NIDS was on the ranch and researching the activity they experienced many of the things the family had reported. But as time passed the activity became less and less frequent and more unpredictable. Having garnered as much evidence and data as they could, the team moved off-site. Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah (see image below), Colm A. Kelleher PhD and investigative journalist George Knapp documented the paranormal activities witnessed by the researchers. It was reported in the NewYork Times that NIDS was funded up to $22 million by the Department of Defense. It was also reported by other sources that the CIA and departments in the Pentagon had an interest in the research going on at the ranch.

The ranch was eventually sold In 2016 for $4.5 million to 'Adamantium Holdings,' a shell corporation of unknown origin. Shortly after the purchase, all roads leading to the ranch were blocked. The perimeter of the ranch was secured and guarded. It is now monitored by cameras, and it is surrounded by signs warning people of the risks of trespassing. In 2017, the new owners trademarked the name "Skinwalker Ranch" through Justia Trademarks (trademark was issued in 2018). 

Research on this company is very limited as it is a shell company. That means it really only exists on paper. It has no office and reportedly next to no employees. Shell companies can be registered to the address of a company that provides the service of setting up the shell company, and which may act as the agent for receipt of legal correspondence (such as an accountant or lawyer). These companies are usually set up for privacy purposes, and this appears to be the reason behind Adamantium Holdings.

So, how are things at the ranch today? Well, it is reported activity has ramped up once more with the new owner's presence and there is talk that a new television show will be aired on the History Channel, March 31st at 10pm ET/PT (I am unsure if this has a UK air date, but when I find out I will update here). The new show, The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch (working title), will apparently feature never-before-seen footage that follows a team of scientists and experts as they conduct research on the property.

A press release for the show states, "...utilizing the latest in cutting edge technology from lasers and ground-penetrating radar to drone thermography, rockets and more, the team will apply hard science and make shocking discoveries while going further and risking more than anyone has done on the ranch before."

I look forward to the show, any new light being shed on this ranch is always welcome.

What are your thoughts on Skinwalker Ranch? Have you experienced any of the things the Sherman family did on the ranch? 

Feel free to reach out and let me know.

Some reading on the topic:

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EXPEDITION BIGFOOT - Review of Travel Channels new Cryptid series

Image result for expedition bigfoot travel channel

Season: Season 01 Episode 01 - The Search Begins

Cast: Ronny Leblanc, Erik Thompson, Russell Acord, Ryan Golembeske, Bryce Johnson and Mireya Mayor.

"Bigfoot, Sasquatch  In the past fifty years, there have been more than ten thousand reported sightings of this elusive creature in the continental United States. From the Ozarks to the Mojave Desert, from the New Jersey Pine Barrens to the Pacific North West, every year hundreds of eyewitnesses log their encounters, but where or when this legendary cryptid will be seen next has been a mystery... until now.

For the first time in history, a team of investigators is using an advanced data algorithm to analyse five decades of Bigfoot sightings to pinpoint when and where to encounter this elusive beast. With the result, they now know the time and the place to search. The greatest Bigfoot hunt is on."

My initial thoughts before watching this was, "Not another 'never Finding Bigfoot' show". Add to that an exasperated sigh and an epic eye roll of teenage proportions. But being a lover of all things unknown and supernatural, I decided to give it a shot. After all, you never know, maybe with some slim stroke of luck, this may actually be a decent show. They may not find anything like shows of this nature that had passed before it (and even at that they were given nine seasons - yes, that's right. That is equal to ninety episodes), but sure what else would I be doing on a Saturday evening?

So with a beer in hand and my comfy PJs on I cuddled on the sofa with my two furbabies and settled in to watch the first episode.

from Big Bang Theory GIFs via Gfycat

Let me start with the cast and boy oh boy what a cast it is. For once, this feels like a team that knows what it is about. Not so much that they are a longstanding team, but that they are knowledgeable enough in their related fields to be able to confidently hold their own with opinions as well as questioning the views and findings of others on the team.

Dr Mireya Mayor (Pink Boots and A Machete: My Journey from NFL Cheerleader to National Geographic Explorer) has been Emmy-nominated for her work with National Geographic, and she dedicates her life to studying rare primates throughout the world. Seeing as many think the elusive Bigfoot could be a descendant of Gigantopithecus what better person to have on the team?

Russel Acord, an author of two fictional novels based on Bigfoot as well as a filmmaker. His first two books, Footprints of a Legend and 'Bigfoot and the Tripwire' are both on Amazon (just click the title link) for those who are interested in the escape into the deep wilderness of Montana.

Bryce Johnson - Actor, Producer, Director, Podcaster and Bigfoot enthusiast is the lead on this show. His podcast, Bigfoot Collectors Club, is all about the worlds best hide and seek champion with many guests covering all aspects of phenomena. 

Ronny Leblanc was brought in after another Bigfoot researcher, Ryan "RPG" Golembeske, took sick and had to be rushed away to the hospital. Ronny is likeable, and it helps that he knows his stuff. Author of the best-selling book Monsterland: Encounters with UFOs, Bigfoot and Orange Orbs, and MONSTERLAND: Shamans, Sasquatch, Synchronicity and High Strangeness. He is also the creator and host of the Monsterland Podcast which can be found on all platforms and covers topics including the Paranormal and Supernatural, Bigfoot, UFOs and high strangeness.

This team worked great together, and this played well on screen allowing viewers like myself to sit forward and take in the evidence they were discovering with the new equipment and fantastic approach. I loved this, no more walking into the woods and howling like a loon (though they do this it is not the extent of their techniques). I don't want to tell too much and give away how this series unfolded, BUT I do want to say you would be mad to miss it if you are a Bigfoot fan.

This show gets a MASSIVE thumbs up from Weirdly Paranormal.

from Amazing GIFs via Gfycat

HAUNTED BY WHAT? -- Basic Types Of Haunting

Image result for residual haunting


It is believed that this type of haunting occurs when something traumatic happens. I know you are thinking, 'Well, death can be pretty traumatic!' And you would be right, but it would relate to the nature of the death, i.e. a horrific accident and untimely death, a murder, or even a brutal assault.

Many believe the energy expelled at that emotionally charged moment leaves an imprint in its surroundings, this is known as the Stone Tape Theory. It is commonly accepted that this is the explanation for this type of haunting. 

It can be defined as a paranormal event that plays over and over on a loop. One that has no means of interaction with its surroundings nor the people in it at the time the loop plays. Neither questions nor trigger objects work in this type of haunting.

Image result for intelligent haunting


This is the opposite of a residual haunting. With this type of haunting an investigator can ask questions of the active entity to ascertain who it is and why it was doing the things that alerted someone to its presence.

The entity itself could respond via EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), draining battery power, manipulating various devices such as Ghost Box (a radio with a frequency scan mode that some investigators claim allows communication with spirits) or a Mel Meter (a device that registers AC/DC EMF fluctuations at the same time as it records variances in temperature on a single display).

There are many other ways to interact with an intelligent haunting, and they are too numerous to mention here, but I will go into it at a later date. For the most part, intelligent hauntings are benign. It is believed by some this type of haunting is caused by a deceased person trying to pass a message on, or wishing for their side of a story to be told. Once acted upon, the reports of repeated activity falls.

Image result for demonic haunting


Definition of Poltergeist:
A poltergeist (German for "noisy ghost" or "noisy spirit") is a type of ghost or spirit that is responsible for physical disturbances, such as loud noises and objects being moved or destroyed. They are purportedly capable of pinching, biting, hitting, and tripping people. Most accounts of poltergeists describe the movement or levitation of objects such as furniture and cutlery, or noises such as knocking on doors.
This is an interesting type of haunting as it is considered by many not to be caused by a spirit; instead, they believe it is caused by a human living in the home where the paranormal events are taking place. It is their belief that it is caused subconsciously, and that the person is unaware they are the cause of the attacks. They work on the hypotheses that a menopausal woman or a young girl (sometimes boys) entering puberty, when faced with a traumatic event (a divorce, serious accident, or death of a close family member), can trigger these events in the form of telekinesis.

Definition of Telekinesis:
...the ability to move objects by mental power or other non-physical means.

This type of activity can show itself as the following:

  • Sporadic activity, sometimes not happening for weeks on end, or at time occurring many times per day.
  • Activity usually only happens when one specific person is present. This person is the individual manifesting the activity without realising they are doing it.
  • Usually revolves around a pre-teen female. Sometimes rarely with a male. 
Now some out there in the paranormal world classify other phenomena as a 'haunting' but personally, I do not, things such as a demonic attack or elemental beings. I plan to write a blog focusing on each of these. I will be going into depth about the origin of the concept and what is believed in today's modern world.

Stay Tuned!!

WHO YA GONNA CALL? -- Ghost Hunting 101

So you have watched every episode of every paranormal reality TV show out there, and you believe that you now have all you need to know to set up your own group and hunt ghosts...STOP!!!!

Yes, you heard me, stop. You may have watched how Zak and Co. do it, yes you have listened to Jason from TAPS call out asking, "Is there anyone here with us? Can you make a sound?" and you have probably watched the young guy from the Tennessee Wraith Chasers build some wild contraption to catch this week's ghost, but that does not mean that you have learned all you need to know to set up your own team.

These shows may be great, they may be fun to watch, but they are (in their own words - the small print disclaimer on the credits) for entertainment purposes ONLY. For the best part, some of these investigators have been doing this for YEARS before appearing on your TV each week.

There are things you need to do before taking such a massive leap from armchair investigator to field investigator and researcher:
  1. GET INSURANCE -- You will need this regardless if you plan to investigate alone (which I do not recommend) or with another person or team. You need insurance should anything happen to you or your team while you are out in the field (at this early stage I would recommend you DO NOT investigate a private home. You do not have the experience and could end up adding to the problems the homeowners are already experiencing.) Insurance will also cover your equipment. Some of this stuff is quite expensive and should you knock it or lose it you will need to have it replaced which can come at a hefty cost.
  2. DO YOUR HOMEWORK -- You will need to know all you can about the place you are going to investigate. Not just what it was used for (stately home, warehouse, factory, shop, etc...) or who was in it, who died there and when they died. Their personal history. When it was built, who built it, why it was built, was there any drama about it? You will also need to research what was there BEFORE it was built. Was it built on what used to be a graveyard? An ancient burial ground? This type of digging can take time, you may be able to do some of it online, but for some records, you will have to visit public record office to go through old newspaper articles or public records. This takes time and will benefit you in the long run when it comes time to do your investigation. To be well informed is to be well-armed.
  3. KNOW YOUR EQUIPMENT -- It's all well and good having 'The Tech Guy' and 'The Researcher' in a group but what will you do should there be a group fall out and one leaves (it happens more than you think)? Or someone is off sick or on holiday? Are you gonna put all on hold until that spot can be filled or they come back? NO, you shouldn't. Many have learned the hard way from this sort of thinking and now teach all members what each piece of equipment is for, how it works, what the readings mean, and how to fix it if it goes a bit wonky. 
  4. GET PERMISSION -- No matter where you plan to investigate ONLY do so if you have the written permission of the owner of the property. This will legally cover you should you need to make a claim on your insurance or the owners should they need to. TRESPASSING is against the law no matter where in the world you live, and in some places, you won't be getting away with a verbal warning, the ramifications can range from prosecution to LOSS OF LIFE
  5. ALCOHOL IS A BIG NO -- If you know you are going out to investigate under no circumstances should you drink anything with alcohol in it on the day or the evening of the investigation. This would make you look foolish and unprofessional and possibly stop you from being given entrance ever again to the premises and put others in your team at risk. You may find that to be caught drinking due to an accident would not only void your insurance but put you at risk of a lawsuit for negligence. There is too much at stake for such stupidity. I bet some of you reading this think I am stating the obvious? Nope, you would be surprised how many people I have met while out investigating or with group tours who drink before going out. It can put others at risk and cause a hazard. Just do not do it. If you need a drink to steady your nerves before going on investigation then maybe this is not the 'hobby' you should be doing. 
  6. USE YOUR COMMON SENSE -- This is the most important tool in your investigator toolbox. Even though the term states 'Common Sense' you would be surprised to know that it is actually NOT that common. If for one moment you have reason to think that there could be an issue on your investigation that could cause harm to yourself, a team member or to the property then use your common sense and make a judgment call. Address the situation and assess it.
I have researched the paranormal since I was in my teens. Back then, I was would now days be considered an Armchair Researcher, and that was ok with me. I didn't feel ready to take that step and walk into the unknown. I wanted to garner what I could from books and from papers others had written on what they believed a ghost to be and how they thought they manifested. It is not a bad thing to be mentally prepared for what you are going to be walking into. What you potentially could be opening yourself up to, and not just you, but others you live with and share a life with. 

It wasn't until I was in my late twenties that I began to dig a little deeper into just what an entity could be, what it could be connected to and the various types of haunting. Then it was while in my thirties that I took that giant leap from an armchair researcher into field researcher. I joined teams, learned from them and honed an investigative technique of what worked and what didn't before starting a group myself alongside my friend, and my brother. 

Now, in my mid-forties, I have learned a great deal, and I am not afraid to admit that there is still a great deal more to learn. I no longer belong to a group (life takes over, and we have to make the decision to spend time with the living as there will be time enough to converse with the dead when we too are pushing up the daisies). I find myself once again back to spending my time digging through reading material and researching my new revised ideas of what a GHOST is and the connections to other supernatural realities that people experience including the links to Alien Abductions as well as Sleep Paralysis.
My current belief? There is a connection...that is the direction my research over the years has taken me.

BE PREPARED is not just a Boy Scout motto, it is a life motto, and one that makes perfect sense in the investigation and research of all things paranormal.